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使用AVAudioPlayer播放音频. AVAudioPlayer是AV Foundation音频播放的首选,也可以说是整个iOS音频播放的首先,其提供了Audio Queue Service中所有核心功能,适合本地播放或对时延无敏. D_猿员的博客 在AV Foundation中使用AVAudioRecorder类添加音频录制功能和使用AVAudioPlayer一样简单, 都是在Audio Queue Server上层构建的.同时支持macOS和iOS平台.可以从内置麦克风录制音频,也可以支持数字音频接口或USB外接. AVAudioPlayer构建与CoreServices中的C-based Audio Queue Services 的最顶层,所以他可以提供你在 Audio Queue Services 中所能找到的核心功能 循环甚至是音频的计量,使用的时候它提供了非常友好的OC的接口,除非你需要从网络流中播放音频,需要访问原始音频样本或者需要非常. everyauth.linkedin.consumerKey(LINKEDIN_CONSUMER_KEY).consumerSecret(LINKEDIN_CONSUMER_SECRET).fetchOAuthUser(function (accessToken, accessTokenSecret, params) { // This method is override because we need to get extra info from user profile. I am testing my app on my 3GS iPhone with iOS 4.2

I am using the following code which plays a sound in my IBAction. It works perfectly in the simulator (both iPad and iPhone) - I hear the sound. 

. 使用 AVQueuePlayer(在开始时使用 Items 初始化它,它将在队列中一个接一个地播放)类而不是 AVAudioPlayer。. 在您的开始游戏中,您可以执行以下操作: var audioItems: [AVPlayerItem] = [] for audioName in soundsArray { let url = NSURL(fileURLWithPath: NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource(audioName, ofType: "mp3")!) let item =. An operation queue is generally used to perform some asynchronous operations on a background thread so as not to block the main thread. Q: Explain the correct way to manage Outlets memory ... The answer is: In order for AVAudioPlayer to start playing while the application is in background, your app must support remote control events! These are. I was just looking through Media Player Classic and it has a play list queue that you can add files into. Clicking [File->Open File] and then checking 'add to play list without opening' will store whatever files you open. To open the play list just go under 'VIEW' or pressing 'CTRL+7'. You can even drag and drop items onto the play list. "This update resolves a playback issue with short Apple Music songs in your Up Next queue If you listen on Spotify's web player or via Chromecast, it streams in AAC at 128kbps for free users or 256kbps for premium Palettes panel empty Thus, you can use your iPhone to initiate a request for playing music on Apple TV in several different rooms. AVAudioPlayer构建与CoreServices中的C-based Audio Queue Services 的最顶层,所以他可以提供你在 Audio Queue Services 中所能找到的核心功能,比如播放。循环甚至是音频的计量,使用的时候它提供了非常友好的OC的接口,除非你需要从网络流中播放音频,需要访问原. 如何在AVAudioPlayers之间交叉淡入淡出(HowtocrossfadebetweenAVAudioPlayers),我想使用AVAudioPlayer并淡入淡出超过2个mp3文件。我有5个mp3文件. There are many ways to play audio on the iPhone – System Sound Services, AVAudioPlayer, Audio Queue Services, and OpenAL. Without outside support libraries, the two easiest ways by far are System Sound Services and AVAudioPlayer – so let’s talk about when you would (and wouldn’t) want to use those, and how you can use them. Audio Queue Services的播放步骤如下:. 1,给buffer填充数据,并把buffer放入就绪的buffer queue;. 2,应用通知队列开始播放;. 3、队列播放第一个填充的buffer;. 4、队列返回已经播放完毕的buffer,并开始播放下面一个填充好的buffer;. 5、队列调用之前设置的回调函数. I’ve tried with AVPlayer and AVAudioPlayer but they are just not precise enough in timing. Multiple sounds played at once will be all over the place, especially on the real device. From what I’ve gathered there are not many alternatives, Audio Queue Service being one that allows precise timing and multiple sounds at once. Python Queue usage works in threading but (apparently) not in multiprocessing; Loop recursively with two variables for a specific extension with Bash; save a file on a local machine from a flex web app; Running phantomjs on linux using python; How to reconstruct a blob for an image from a binary string (client side hidden form field) in Googl.

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